Last week I released PopClip 2020.10, which is now live as an update on the Mac App Store and as an in-app update in the standalone (website download) edition.

It’s a simple “bugfixes and improvements” update, so I’ll just repeat the changelog entry:

  • Fix crash when activating certain extensions (Select All, Formatting, Highlight, Delete, and Paste and Enter).
  • Full support for Microsoft Edge browser.
  • Improve compatibility with apps: iTerm2, BBEdit, UltraEdit, SecureCRT.

Feel free to report any bugs, make suggestions, or just say hi, via

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  1. Presuming it’s a 5★, naturally 🙃. If you’re not inclined to give a good review, I’d much prefer you shoot me an email. I’m currently very responsive to the email inbox, so if you contacted me earlier in the year and didn’t get a response, try me again.