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Dropshelf is a place to put things. Drag anything to the edge of the screen, and a shelf slides out. Drop files, text clippings and links — whatever you want to keep handy.

macOS 10.9 and above
✓ Works with macOS 11 Big Sur
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How to use Dropshelf

1. Drag an item to the edge of the screen. You can drag files, text clippings, web links and more.
2. Drop it on the shelf. Dropshelf automatically slides out from the edge of the screen.
3. Keep it handy. You can add more items to the same shelf, and you can create multiple shelves.
4. Drag it out. When you are ready, drag the items out to any other app.
To get the most out of Dropshelf, check out the User Guide — it's full of tips and tricks.

Screen Shots

Create shelves wherever there is space at the edge of the screen, including multiple monitors.
Dropshelf makes it easy to drag items between apps, including full screen apps.