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PopClip appears when you select text with your mouse on your Mac. Instantly copy & paste, and access actions like search, spelling, dictionary and many, many more.

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Universal for Apple Silicon and Intel; needs macOS 10.13.6 and above
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PopClip is available to buy as one-time purchase, either by buying a license key, or via the Mac App Store.
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PopClip is also available through subscription on Setapp. Get PopClip and 240+ other Mac apps for $9.99 per month.

Help & Contact

Check out the PopClip User Guide for answers to common questions. To get in touch, email support@pilotmoon.com or visit the PopClip Forum

PopClip works in most Mac apps, but not in all. For an up-to-date list of known incompatible apps, see: PopClip Known Issues.

Get the latest PopClip beta, and versions for older macOS releases: PopClip Downloads.


Unleash the full power of PopClip with PopClip Extensions.

Release Notes

2022.12 (6 Dec 2022)

  • Improved compatibility with Google Docs, 1Password 8, PDF Expert 3 and Xcode 14.
  • New features for snippet creators and extension developers.
  • Bug fixes.

This version of PopClip sends crash reports and anonymous usage statistics to the developer. For more information see the Privacy notice.

2022.5 (2 May 2022)

  • Fixed bug where using the Select All extension could result in an endless spinner.
  • Fixed bug where PopClip might fail to pop up if you had set custom mouse pointer colors (in Accessibility preferences).
  • VoiceOver will now describe PopClip as "PopClip" instead of just "system dialog".
  • PopClip can now appear for very large selections - up to 10 million characters. (Now you can Word Count the complete Shakespeare.)
  • Recognises the new DuckDuckGo browser for performing web searches.
  • Compatibility with PDF Expert 3.
  • Allows Formatting extension to work in Visual Studio Code.
  • Plus other small fixes. Thank you all for reporting things!

2021.11 (1 Nov 2021)

  • You can now set a system-wide keyboard shortcut to trigger PopClip to appear.
  • Option to automatically set the dark/light appearance of the PopClip bar to match the system.
  • Made the "small" popup size a little more compact.
  • Improved compatibility with Electron-based apps such as Discord and VS Code.

2021.10 (30 Sep 2021)

  • Fix: Paste and Match Style extension not appearing. Please install the updated extension from here.
  • Fix: Incorrect tooltip text when hovering over buttons.
  • Fix: Not appearing in Firefox in some situations.

2021.9 (22 Sep 2021)

  • Choose a second spelling language in prefs, to check spelling in two languages at once.
  • Option for Light or Dark appearance.
  • Option to display the Cut, Copy and Paste actions as icons.
  • Option to make PopClip appear above or below the text.
  • Fixed capturing HTML from Chrome, Edge and Opera.
  • “Open Link” now recognizes craftdocs: and x-devonthink-item: as URL schemes.
  • “Reveal in Finder” now opens the folder directly when selecting a folder path.
  • Removed “Use Address” as a built-in action. This is now available as part of the “Email” extension.
  • Fixed bug where PopClip would go to 100% CPU when selecting a huge amount of text.
  • Added Danish and Traditional Chinese transations.
  • Improvements to the programming interface for extension developers (see extensions documentation).
  • Now requires macOS 10.13.6 or above.
  • Various other tweaks, fixes and minor embetterings.

2021.4 (30 Apr 2021):

  • Improved support for Vivaldi and SideKick browsers.
  • Improved compatibility with PDF Expert.
  • Improved compatibility with IntelliJ apps.
  • Fixed appearing as “0” in System Preferences.
  • Several more bug fixes of a minor or obscure nature.

2020.12 (10 Dec 2020)

  • PopClip is now a Universal app, for both Intel and Apple Silicon / M1 chip.
  • PopClip can now request Reminders access on behalf of extensions. This allows for a new Reminders extension.
  • Fix: Appearing when double-clicking on videos, etc. in web pages.
  • Fix: Not appearing when selecting italic text in Microsoft Word.
  • Fix (on Big Sur): Prefs menu not appearing, or appearing in the wrong place, when PopClip’s menu bar icon is hidden.
  • Fix (on Sierra and High Sierra): Graphical glitches in PopClip prefs.
  • Improved compatibility with Evernote 10. (Please note: the Evernote PopClip extension still does not work with Evernote 10, due to Evernote 10 not supporting AppleScript.)

v2020.10 (28 Oct 2020)

  • Fix crash when activating certain extensions (Select All, Formatting, Highlight, Delete, and Paste and Enter).
  • Full support for Microsoft Edge browser.
  • Improve compatibility with apps: iTerm2, BBEdit, UltraEdit, SecureCRT.

v2019.10 (5 Nov 2019)

  • Avoid duplicate actions sometimes appearing in the PopClip bar.
  • Avoid unintentional “auto copy” where PopClip could fail to restore the original clipboard contents after selecting text.
  • PopClip will now better avoid appearing in non-text situations (such as graphics editing and games).
  • Fix a freezing bug that could happen when activating the Search action, or using extensions in a browser.
  • Exclude PopClip from apps running under Parallels Desktop, VMware Fusion and Crossover.
  • In text editors, avoid incorrect text being pasted when the user presses Command-V immediately after selecting text.

v2019.9.1 (27 Sep 2019)

  • Show PopClip in an empty text field with a double-click, Shift-click, or long press.
  • Fixed the AppleScript interface which I broke in v2019.9.

v2019.9 (17 Sep 2019)

  • Improved reliability and responsiveness, especially in Safari.
  • Improved compatibility with many third party apps.
  • Fixed the annoying glitch with drop-down menus in Firefox.
  • PopClip's button highlight now matches the system accent colour.

v1.5.8 (10 Oct 2017)

  • Fix crash at launch affecting some users on macOS 10.13 High Sierra

v1.5.7 (15 May 2017)

  • Restored compatibility with Wacom tablets
  • Improved compatibility with apps including PDF Expert

v1.5.6 (9 Oct 2016)

  • This is a small update, mainly to fix an issue with PopClip on macOS Sierra. I have fixed the annoying bug where "Icon Hidden" dialog would appear every time at startup if you have the menu bar icon hidden. Plus other minor tweaks and fixes. Thanks to those who have reported bugs and made suggestions.

v1.5.5 (23 Feb 2016)

  • Improved Mac App Store receipt checking to avoid certificate expiration problems.
  • Now works with PDF Expert by Readdle.
  • Fixed an glitch that interfered with using the emoji picker.
  • Fixed bug where PopClip would appear repeatedly when clicking in a Safari or Chrome address bar.
  • Fixed bug where URLs copied by shift-clicking the Open Link action would be erroneously percent-encoded.
  • Corrections to the French translation.
  • Fixed some rare crashes based on user-submitted crash reports.
  • Smaller file size.
  • Improved URL detection to recognize the new top level domains (.coffee, and so on).
  • New minimum system requirement is OS X 10.9. The last version to support OS X 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8 was v1.5.4, which existing customers will still be able to reinstall via the web site and via the Mac App Store.

v1.5.4 (8 Sep 2015)

  • This update makes PopClip ready for OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

v1.5.3 (3 Jun 2015)

  • Compatibility with Evernote
  • Compatibility with Microsoft Word 2016 Preview
  • Added the ability for extensions to sign in using OAuth, which will enable new extensions that were not previously possible. The first batch will include extensions for OneNote and Trello. Look out for them at pilotmoon.com/popclip/extensions.

v1.5.2 (1 Oct 2014)

  • Fixed bug where text input from Typinator (and similar software) could behave unreliably with PopClip running.
  • Fixed bug where the AppleScript "appear" trigger would not work when PopClip is off.
  • Fixed a crash on OS X 10.6.

v1.5.1 (7 Aug 2014)

  • Fixed a bug where PopClip would fail to start, for some users.

v1.5 (6 Aug 2014)

  • Fresh new look. PopClip has a cleaner, flatter appearance. The iOS6-style gloss has been retired, and I hope you will agree it now looks more worthy of your Mac in 2014.
  • Ready for OS X Yosemite. PopClip is ready for the next version of OS X. Thanks to the beta testers who have been sending feedback.
  • PopClip works faster and more reliably, especially when selecting large amounts of text. Now it should easily cope with 10,000 characters or more, where it often used to fail.
  • Fixed (finally!) the bug where pressing ⌘C at the same time as selecting text with PopClip could cause the wrong thing to get copied.
  • Fixed not appearing when selecting italic text in Word.
  • Fixed dictionary action not appearing when selecting the first word of a bulleted paragraph in Word.
  • Fixed PopClip prefs menu not closing when clicking outside the window.
  • The Paste and Match Style and formatting extensions will now work in browsers (for Google Docs, Gmail etc.)

v1.4.10 (24 Mar 2013)

  • Smaller file size and reduced memory usage.
  • Fixed bug where tooltips would sometimes stay on screen after PopClip had disappeared.
  • Fixed bug where the preferences window would sometimes become blank, with no content.
  • Fixed bug where PopClip caused the Warp Stabilizer plugin in Adobe After Affects to fail.
  • Fixed bug where PopClip caused drop-down menus in Firefox to behave weirdly.
  • Improved the accuracy of the Word Count extension, particularly for Chinese and Japanese texts.
  • Requires a Mac with a 64-bit processor. (If you have a Mac with a 32-bit processor, download PopClip v1.4.9.)
  • Plus other minor fixes and performance improvements.
  • Additionally, PopClip will no longer appear when you select text in Adobe apps (including Dreamweaver, Illustrator and InDesign) and JetBrains IDE apps (such as AppCode and PHPStorm). This is because PopClip did not work well in those apps, and there wasn't a way to fix it.

v1.4.9 (24 Oct 2013)

  • Fix crash when using Word
  • Fix glitch when re-ordering extensions on OS X 10.9

v1.4.8 (14 Oct 2013)

  • Fix crash when using certain extensions

v1.4.7 (14 Oct 2013)

  • Fixed a bug which could cause the CPU to go to 100%
  • Fixed the annoying beep when double-clicking an empty cell in Excel
  • Fixed incompatibilities with the RoboForm Safari plug-in, and the apps BitTorrent Sync, Bartender and Skype
  • Other fixes, tweaks and performance improvements

v1.4.6 (24 Jun 2013)

  • Fix bug where PopClip didn't work properly in Gmail inside Google Chrome.
  • Fix bug opening URLs that contain percent characters.
  • Further fixes for the situation where PopClip can interfere with pressiing ⌘C manually.
  • Fixes for some situations which could cause PopClip to hang.
  • Eliminate spurious error messages that were appearing in Console.
  • Background energy usage improvements.
  • Fixes in anticipation of future OS X updates.

v1.4.5 (8 Apr 2013)

  • Fixed bug where PopClip would sometimes stay on screen forever on Snow Leopard.
  • Fixed bug where PopClip would sometimes interfere with copying manually with ⌘C.
  • Fix to prevent OpenOffice, LibreOffice, NeoOffice and KeePassX crashing when used with PopClip.
  • Fix to improve compatibility with some clipboard manager apps.
  • Fixed a rare crashing/hanging bug.
  • Fixed bug where Search would not work with a single character selection.

v1.4.4 (4 Jan 2013)

  • PopClip is no longer limited to a maximum of 10 extensions (limit is now 22).
  • Extensions can now be re-ordered.
  • Other bug fixes.

v1.4.3 (6 Aug 2012)

  • Fixed a problem where PopClip did not work for some users after upgrading to OS X Mountain Lion.

v1.4.2 (17 Jul 2012)

  • Fixed bug where "Start at login" would sometimes not work.
  • Fixed problem where the dictionary lookup would not work if the Dictionary app was minimised.
  • Fixed compatibility issues with several third party apps.

v1.4.1 (21 Jun 2012)

  • Updated graphics for the MacBook Pro with Retina Display.
  • Fixed the button that removes apps from the blocked apps list.
  • Fixed a compatability issue with Sparrow.
  • Improved the Italian localization (thanks, Vincenzo).
  • Fixes for compatability with future operating system versions.

v1.4 (29 May 2012)

  • PopClip now supports many new actions, via extensions. Including:
    • Say the text
    • Make a sticky note
    • Translate using Google Translatw
    • Send to Evernote
    • …and more.

v1.3.1 (1 May 2012)

  • PopClip is now fully translated into French, German, Japanese, Russian and Spanish.
  • Various small fixes and improvements.

v1.3 (23 Mar 2012)

  • Spelling corrections are now shown immediately in the first pop-up, when suggestions are available. So now one less click is required to correct a misspelled word.
  • Added an option to choose the language for spelling suggestions, out of the languages installed on the operating system. Choose "None" to turn off spelling suggestions.
  • Works with the 'Dvorak - Qwerty ⌘' keyboard layout.
  • Third party app compatibility improvements (including Osfoora).

v1.2.5 (13 Feb 2012)

  • Now you can show Paste in any text area by clicking twice in the same place.
  • Improved detection of URLs in the text on Snow Leopard.
  • Third party app compatibility improvements (including TeXworks app).

v1.2.4 (19 Jan 2012)

  • The 'Use Address' action now works with multiple email addresses, and has a new symbol.
  • The 'Open Link' action moved to the left hand side, to be grouped with Search.
  • Fixed bug where PopClip would not work with the Dvorak keyboard layout.

v1.2.3 (5 Jan 2012)

  • Fixed bug that caused crash or incorrect behaviour with some keyboard input sources (including Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Spell Catcher).
  • Fixed bug where Mozilla Firefox would launch when PopClip starts.

v1.2.2 (22 Dec 2011)

  • New 'Reveal in Finder' action is available when the selected text is a local file path.
  • Works better with multiple browsers: links and search now open in the current browser.
  • Search now uses the browser default search engine (Safari only).
  • Works with several previously incompatible apps (including Eclipse, FaceTab Pro, Translate Tab, TextWrangler, WriteRoom 3, the 1Password Firefox extension and more).

v1.2.1 (19 Nov 2011)

  • Fixed bug where double and triple clicking to select text would sometimes not work
  • Fixed bug where Search and Look Up would sometimes not work
  • Fixed bug where Finder would crash when doing 'Show Package Contents'
  • Now works with Sublime Text 2, Postbox 3 and Reunion 9

v1.2 (9 Nov 2011)

  • Added search, link opening, dictionary lookup and spelling correction features.

v1.1 (3 October 2011)

  • Added on/off button.
  • Added the excluded apps list.
  • Added 'show in menu bar' option.
  • Added ability to Paste multiple consecutive times.
  • Respects the Graphite theme.

v1.0.2 (19 August 2011)

  • Fixed a bug which caused some apps to freeze.

v1.0.1 (27 July 2011)

  • Improved OS X Lion compatibility.
  • User interface fine-tuning.

v1.0 (18 July 2011)

  • Initial release.