Production Release

This is a free trial download. PopClip is available to buy on the Mac App Store.

PopClip 2022.5 (2 May 2022)

Requires macOS 10.13.6 or above.

Download (Zip file, 3.76 Mb)


This release focuses on fixes and improvements to your PopClip experience. It also adds capabilites that will allow new kinds of extensions in future.

  • Fixed bug where using the Select All extension could result in an endless spinner.
  • Fixed bug where PopClip might fail to pop up if you had set custom mouse pointer colors (in Accessibility preferences).
  • VoiceOver will now describe PopClip as “PopClip” instead of just “system dialog”.
  • PopClip can now appear for very large selections - up to 10 million characters. (Now you can Word Count the complete Shakespeare.)
  • Recognises the new DuckDuckGo browser for performing web searches.
  • Compatibility with PDF Expert 3.
  • Allows Formatting extension to work in Visual Studio Code.
  • Plus other small fixes. Thank you all for reporting things!

Extension developers can check the Changelog in the PopClip Extensons GitHub repository for full details of new capabilities available to extensions.

As ever, please email me at, or visit the PopClip Forum, if you have any questions or feedback.

Beta Release

This is the latest in-development version to be released for public testing. Features may be experimental and subject to change. Beta versions will automatically send crash reports and anonymous usage statistics to the developer.

Beta downloads will unlock from trial mode automatically if you have previously run the Mac App Store edition of PopClip on the same Mac.

BETAPopClip Build 3911 (8 May 2022)

Requires macOS 10.13.6 or above.

Download (Zip file, 3.76 Mb)

Changes since PopClip 2022.5 (3895):

  • Build 3911 (8 May 2022):

    • Fix actions not appearing when activating PopClip by keyboard shortcut in Google Docs.
    • Increase maximum snippet size to 5000 characters.
    • Internal tweaks and fixes.

Beta installation: There are two options when trying a beta. Option 1 (recommended) is to delete your existing version from /Applications and put the beta version in place. It will then receive updates to all future beta versions if you turn on "Check for Updates". Option 2 is to simply run the beta temporarily from your Downloads directory, for example. In both cases, your existing settings will be preserved.

Older Versions

This list gives the last supported release for each macOS version.

Free license key for older versions: Use this license key to unlock these old versions of PopClip for free. (Save and double-click the .popcliplicense file to apply.)