I (Nicholas Moore) run an independent software business and make my income by selling Mac apps. I have no interest in gathering your personal data, tracking you, or targeting ads at you. I only collect information as necessary to provide my services to you, as described below.

Buying from the Mac App Store

When you buy my apps from the Mac App Store, your order will be processed by Apple. Apple does not pass any of your personal information on to me. (I am therefore unable to assist with individual Mac App Store orders; order inquiries should be directed to Apple Support.)

Buying from my web store

When you buy a license key from my web store, your order will be processed by Paddle. Paddle will pass me your name and email address. I retain this information so I can help you if you contact me about an order. I do not collect or store your payment details.

Using my apps

Some features of my apps require an internet connection. I do not want to be responsible for storing sensitive data, and so my apps are designed to avoid sending data to my own servers wherever possible. None of my apps send any data away from your device, except as described below under “Extensions”, “Update checking”, “Crash reporting” and “Analytics”, or where otherwise explicitly indicated within the app.


Some of my apps offer the ability to install extensions that interact with third-party services on the internet. (For example, “send to Instapaper” or “translate with Google Translate”.) All such communication occurs directly between your device and the third-party using secure HTTPS APIs; my servers do not act as an intermediary. Your use of these extensions is subject to the policies of the relevant third-party services.

Where extensions require login details such as a username and password, these are stored locally on your device, in the operating system’s secure keychain. Your login details are never sent to my servers.

Update checking

My apps include update checking functionality. When auto-update is turned on, the app will periodically contact my web server to see if an update is available. Update checking may send me anonymous system information such as app version and operating system version. You can disable update checking within the app’s preferences.

Crash reporting

My apps have crash reporting functionality. If a crash occurs, the app will send the technical details of the crash to me, to help me fix it. My crash reporting functionality is provided by Microsoft App Center.


My apps have analytics functionality. The app will report anonymous usage data to me, including the type of computer, the version of macOS, the number of times the app is used, the number of times each feature within the app is used, and the identifiers of other applications you interact with using the app. This helps me improve the app and improve compatibility with other apps. No personal information or user data is recorded. My analytics functionality is provided by Microsoft App Center.

Log files

My apps keep local log files for debugging and diagnostic purposes. These logs may record the actions you take within the app. All log files stay on your device.

Visiting my website

When you access my website, your visit will be recorded in my server logs. The logs include your IP address, referrer URL, browser and operating system identifier, date and time, and error code.

My website has no cookies, no advertising, and no tracking. I do not use any external analytics services.


The PopClip forum is self-hosted using Discourse forum software. The forum contains its own privacy notice.

Mailing list

I have a mailing list for sending out marketing emails. You will not be added to my mailing list unless you explicitly request to be added. You can unsubscribe yourself from the mailing list at any time. My mailing list provider is MailChimp.

Other third-party services

I also use the following third-party vendors to provide my services to you:

Changes to this policy

This privacy policy may be updated from time to time. I will always publish the latest version here on our website.