Scroll Reverser

Scroll Reverser is a free app for Mac OS X that reverses the direction of scrolling. It works with all versions of OS X from 10.4 Tiger through 10.9 Mavericks.

Use it on Snow Leopard and below to make scrolling match the "natural scrolling" that was introduced in Lion. On Lion and above, use it to customise scrolling behaviour beyond what is possible in system preferences, for example to reverse the mouse but not the trackpad. It is also useful for getting some Wacom tablets to scroll properly.

For OS X 10.7+: Download Scroll Reverser v1.6 (released May 21, 2013)

For OS X 10.4+: Download Scroll Reverser v1.5.1 (released March 12, 2012)

To install, unzip and copy it to your Applications folder. To uninstall, drag it to the trash. Languages: English, Brazilian Portuguese, Greek, Italian, Spanish, French, Romanian, German.

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Release Notes

v1.6 (21 May 2013)

v1.5.1 (12 March 2012)

v1.5 (23 February 2012)

v1.4.4 (29 September 2011)

v1.4.3 (9 September 2011)

v1.4.2 (18 August 2011)

v1.4.1 (18 August 2011)

v1.4 (11 August 2011)

v1.3 (28 June 2011)

v1.2 (11 April 2011)

v1.1 (1 April 2011)

v1.0 (8 March 2011)

Credit / License

Scroll Reverser was made by Nick Moore and you are free to use, copy and share it. To get in touch please contact or tweet @pilotmoon (but do check the FAQ below to see if your question is already answered). Please also check out my other apps!

FAQ / Troubleshooting

I am controlling a machine via remote desktop, and Scroll Reverser is running on both the local and remote machine. Anything I can do to make it work nicely? Run this command at terminal on the remote machine: defaults write com.pilotmoon.scroll-reverser ReverseOnlyRawInput -bool YES then quit and restart Scroll Reverser.

Does it reverse 3-finger and 4-finger swipes too? No, it only reverses scrolling. The other gestures are a lot more complicated, and I won't be able to add support for them.

Scroll Reverser sometimes stops working temporarily, especially after I swipe between spaces or fullscreen apps. This is a known bug. Unfortunately, I cannot find a fix.

Sometimes it reverses my mouse scrolling, even though "Reverse Mouse" is off. Check if you have any fingers touching the trackpad. When two or more fingers are on the trackpad, Scroll Reverser thinks you are scrolling with the trackpad.

I have it set to "Start a login" but it doesn't start at login. Try deleting and re-downloading the app. Also take a look in Ssystem Preferences → Users and Groups → Login Items and remove and re-add Scroll Reverser in there.

Can you also make it reverse up and down arrow key presses? No, sorry.

I reverses my trackpad scrolling, but "Reverse Trackpad" is off. If you have an older Mac without a multi-touch trackpad (late 2007 Macs and earlier) then Scroll Reverser will see your trackpad as a mouse.

The three finger tap gesture in Lion that does a dictionary lookup no longer functions when Scroll Reverser is active. Yep, sorry. I know about this. I haven't worked out a fix yet.

I am getting high memory usage / there seems to be a memory leak. For some people, memory usage reported in Activity Monitor get high (several hunderd MB) after a few days. However, I don't know anything more I can do to fix it.

Scroll Reverser crashes at launch on my Intel-based machine running Tiger. If your are running Tiger on an Intel Mac, please control-click the Scroll Reverser icon, choose "Get Info" then "Run using Rosetta".

When I scroll the volume control in iTunes / VLC / etc. and Scroll Reverser is running, it scrolls the wrong way. Can you fix this? No, sorry.

I want to reverse scrolling on my Windows machines too. AutoHotKey has the ability to reverse scrolling on Windows, and here's a guide to configuring it.