I’m receiving occasional reports of PopClip freezing up when activating the Search action, and when using certain PopClip extensions. This affects version 2019.9 and 2019.9.1.

User review, one star: Version 2019.9 very unstable, Sep 25, 2019. Runed smoothly for years although it should get some enhancemences. But the new version 2019.9 is very, very unstable. It will freeze by each copy and magnifying glass action ... Don't know why this wasn't detected before it was published. Very annoying
One star.

Thanks to a customer who emailed me at support@pilotmoon.com and assisted with debugging, I am making progress with diagnosing the problem.1 I will continue to work on a fix, and I will update this blog post with more information.

Update, 29 Sep 2019: Another customer reported that deleting and reinstalling PopClip made the problem go away.

Here is a video showing the problem, thanks to my helpful customer (posted with permission):

  1. For anyone interested, it’s AEDeterminePermissionToAutomateTarget() locking up.