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Using Modifier Keys with DwellClick

DwellClick has handy features for clicking and dragging with modifier keys shift ⇧, control ⌃, option ⌥ and command ⌘, without having to hold down the key.

Modified Clicking

Tap , , or to set that modifier to go with the next click. The symbol will appear in grey above the pointer: . Tap the same modifier again to lock it. The symbol will turn white: .

To cancel the modifier, press Esc (or any key), or click any mouse button.

Modified Dragging

Tap , , or while dragging to apply that modifier to the drag. Tap the same modifier again while dragging to turn it off.

Modified Dragging with the Pop-up

While the pop-up is on screen, press , , or to change the pop-up panel to show a modified drag. For example, option-drag:

press ⌥ →

Press Fn again to return to the standard pop-up.