This morning1 I submitted PopClip 2019.9.1 to the Mac App Store for review, and also made it available to download from my website.

The update cleans up the two problems I described in my previous post.

More ways to activate Paste

Screen shot of PopClip showing Paste
It turns out lots of you like to do this by double-clicking. But you can also long press.

There are now three ways to make PopClip appear when you want to paste in an empty text field:

  1. Long press (hold the mouse button for 0.5 seconds);
  2. Shift-click (click while holding down the Shift (⇧) key);
  3. Double-click.

Methods 1 and 2 will also summon PopClip at an insertion point between characters.

AppleScript works again

Screen shot of Script Editor
Telling PopClip to appear using Script Editor.

The AppleScript interface is back up and running. I’m sorry for the interruption.


While I was at it, I added basic support for Microsoft Edge browser, and did something about PopClip’s over-eagerness to show up in Microsoft Excel.

I still have a list glitches with particular apps to sort out, but that’s it for now. Keep letting me know your thoughts about PopClip.2

  1. This morning, British Summer Time. 

  2. On which note, YouTuber Steve Dotto recently put out a kind spirited and entertaining seven minute video review of PopClip. Thanks for spreading the good word!