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How do I right click?

To perform the equivalent of a right click, press Fn key on the keyboard and select the Control-click button (rightmost button) in the pop-up panel.

I don’t have an Fn key on my keyboard. Can I still use DwellClick with no Fn key?

You can set your own keyboard equivalent to use instead of Fn. See Preferences → Keyboard.

I’m left handed, it’s awkward to reach the Fn key with my right hand.

You can set your own keyboard equivalent to use instead of Fn, and in this case F12 is a good choice. See Preferences → Keyboard.

I use a head-tracker and I can’t press a key or click a button.

DwellClick has a floating control panel designed for totally hands-free use with head-trackers.

How do I uninstall/delete DwellClick?

See these instructions.

I want to buy DwellClick from the Mac App Store but it says is it “Installed”. What should I do?

Quit DwellClick and drag your trial version of the app to the trash, then reload the Mac App Store. (Your preferences will not be affected.)

How do I contact Apple about my Mac App Store purchase?

See Apple’s Mac App Store Support page.

How do I turn off the crazy purple circles?

Un-check “Animate” under the Feedback tab in DwellClick preferences.